Our Stylists

Our Artistic Creative Director is responsible for ensuring the perfect meshing of  session work ,editorial and commercial hair styling within Pulse Hair.

Our Creative Stylist has a minimum of 5 years in salon experience creating personalised looks, unique  and amazing colour techniques for our clients.

Our Emerging Stylist is a qualified stylist that has excelled in all training  who is continuing to developing and master their creative flair and precision techniques.

Style Cut & Blow Dry


Fringe Trim$26
Ladies Style – Emerging Stylist$61
Ladies Style – Creative Stylist$86
Ladies Style – Creative Director$96
Ladies Restyle – Emerging Stylist$71
Ladies Restyle – Creative Stylist$116
Ladies Restyle – Creative Director$151


Clipper Cut$36
Men’s Colour* – Emerging Stylist$36
Men’s Colour* – Creative Stylist$41
Men’s Style – Emerging Stylist$36
Men’s Style – Creative Stylist$51
Men’s Style – Creative Director$66
Men’s Restyle – Emerging Stylist$41
Men’s Restyle – Creative Stylist$81
Men’s Restyle – Creative Director$101
*Grey blend all over short hair


Bleach Roots – Creative Stylist
Regrowth – Emerging Stylist$56
Regrowth – Creative Stylist$67
Tint (Short) – Emerging Stylist$66
Tint (Short) – Creative Stylist$76
Tint (Medium) – Emerging Stylist$86
Tint (Medium) – Creative Stylist$96
Tint (Long) – Emerging Stylist$96
Ting (Long) – Creative Stylist$106
Toning (Short)$41
Toning (Medium)$51
Toning (Long)$61
Colour CorrectionPOA

Foils and Highlights

Part Line Foils – Emerging Stylist$46
Part Line Foils – Creative Stylist$56
Partial Foils – Emerging Stylist$61
Partial Foils – Creative Stylist$71
1/2 Head Foils – Emerging Stylist$91
1/2 Head Foils – Creative Stylist$106
3/4 Head Foils – Emerging Stylist$121
3/4 Head Foils – Creative Stylist$136
Full Head Foils Regrowth – Emerging Stylist$141
Full Head Foils Regrowth – Creative Stylist$171
Full Head Foils (Short) – Creative Stylist$196
Full Head Foils (Medium) – Creative Stylist$206
Full Head Foils (Long) – Creative Stylist$216

Emerging Stylist Packages

Fashion Colour Package – 15–20 foils + all over colour + style cut

Fashion Colour (Short)$181*
Fashion Colour (Medium)$201*
Fashion Colour (Long)$211*
*We recommend a toner to be booked with this service.

Foils refresher Package – Foils + Fibre Plex treatment + style cut working off a 6-8-week regrowth

Foils Refresher – 1/2 Head$196
Foils Refresher – 3/4 Head$226
Foils Refresher – Full Head$246
*We recommend a toner to be booked with this service.

Blow Dry & Styling

Blow Dry (Short) – Emerging Stylist$41
Blow Dry (Short) – Creative Stylist$51
Blow Dry (Medium) – Emerging Stylist$51
Blow Dry (Medium) – Creative Stylist$61
Blow Dry (Long) – Emerging Stylist$61
Blow Dry (Long) – Creative Stylist$76
Up Styles – Creative Stylist$96
Natural Finish$36


Express Treatment

This Express treatment is filled with rich nutrients that will boost the look, feel and overall health of your hair. For a 15minute at the basin treatment this little beauty sure packs a punch.$16

Deluxe Treatment

The Deluxe Treatment releases an army of protein and nutrient soldiers that will support your hairs elasticity and promotes the hairs natural resistance allowing it to be up to 10 x stronger. $46


Cellophane Treatment is a veil of nutrient rich clear gloss that is a perfect anytime treatment for those wishing for comprehensive shiny, vibrant, healthy hair look. from $51

Fibre Plex

Our Fibre Plex treatment is a force to be reckoned with. Designed to work in tandem with all hair lightening services, this 2- part strengthening treatment is bursting with super rich proteins that will reduce 94% of hair breakage. $52

Express Detox


Deluxe Detox


Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

Price On Application


Bride with trial$241
Bride without trial$121
Flower Girl$56
Event Up-Style$96

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